(Wickaninnish Inn/Winter Storm)

The holidays have left and they’ve taken the snow with them.

That familiar Victoria wind has picked up and a smattering of rain has already made its first appearance this year – so we’re here to tell you how to make the best of it!

This year, take a trip up north to Tofino – one of Vancouver Island’s most scenic and lively vacation destinations – and experience first-hand the thrill of the winter storm-watching season.

Bundle up in your warmest clothes and make sure to bring a raincoat (umbrellas won’t withstand the tempest) so you can feel the misty spray of the ocean – or enjoy the sights from the comfort of the fireside!

Sitka Law Group is making it happen for one lucky winner

Here’s your chance to beat the post-holiday blues by planning the perfect getaway, because Sitka Law Group is giving away a two-night stay at the luxurious ocean-side Wickaninnish Inn, valued at $480 per night!

Catch the storm raging all around you while you lounge in your first or second floor Beach Deluxe room, or don the complementary Helly Hansen raincoats and step out into the stormy day.

It’s a great way to fully immerse yourself in a good old-fashioned Vancouver Island getaway, and here’s how you could end up doing it for free!


Enter to win this amazing two-night stay at the Wickaninnish Inn in Tofino, by completing the following:

  1. LIKE Sitka Law Group on Facebook and comment below telling us once you have. (1 entry)
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  3. COMMENT below and tell us if you’ve ever been storm watching before, and what your experience was like! (1 entry)

* Certificate can be availed for two nights in a first or second floor Beach Deluxe room valued at $480/night
Valid January 5th, 2018 through April 30, 2018 OR October 1, 2018 through April 30, 2019
* Excluding all select holiday periods including US and Canadian statutory holidays, Valentines Day/Weekend, and the Inn’s January closure dates (January 2nd – February 9th, 2018)

The winner will be drawn on January 22nd – good luck!

Facebook Conversations

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  • Renee Burford

    Liked and shared 🙂 never been storm watching before but this would be amazing!! ⛈️

  • Katarina Gabrilo

    Liked and shared! Never been storm watching but it’s on the bucket list!!

  • Kelsey Ann

    Done and done. I love storm watching anywhere on Vancouver island! #westcoastbestcost

  • Rafiki Jess-Mil

    Shared and liked. I have never been storming watching intentionally although there was one time I stayed in a hotel in Parksville across the water and a big storm hit. The ocean swells were huge and breaking over into the parking lot across the street. From our room we watched one guy run out to move his car as it was being hammered with salt water.

  • Justin Shane

    I’ve never been!

  • Mary Maxwell

    I liked the SITKA Group ! I would love to storm watch in Tofino. 💧 ☔ 💧 🌂

  • Darcy Ramwell

    I would love to go! I have never been!

  • Natalie Thorburn

    I have liked Sitka Law Group on Facebook 😊

  • Natalie Thorburn

    I have shared this post on Facebook 😊

  • Brianna Williams

    Like Sitka Law group, shared the post and have never been storm watching but would love to 🙂

  • Natalie Thorburn

    I have never been storm watching on the West Coast but since moving to Vancouver Island, it has most definitely been on my bucket list to do!

  • Melanie Porter

    Liked Sitka Law on FB and shared this post. I’ve never been to Tofino during storm watching season, but it’s been on my bucket list!

  • Michelle Steeves

    Liked and shared. I have never been storm watching!🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Kevin Muir

    Liked Sitka Law Group on Facebook and shared post and commented here. I’ve never been storm watching in my life and would love to go!

  • Jennifer Nicole

    Like Sitka law group. Shared on Facebook. We have tried going storm watching in tofino but the weather has been calm both times!

  • Candice White

    Never been storm watching but really want to. Loked and shared

  • Joanne Faulkner

    Shared and liked! 🙂 would love to win this!! We’ve never been to tofino yet! Only storms we’ve seen have been off the shores in Sidney and Victoria 🙂

  • Dana Andjelkovic

    Liked and shared. Love storm watching and being chased by the waves. So serene yet exciting.

  • Brittany Fischer

    Liked on Fb! I have been storm watching once before and was dissapointed, ehich im sure wouldnt happen in tofino! 😀

  • Natasha

    Liked and shared!

  • Griffin


  • Griffin


  • Griffin

    I have (namely been in a category 4 hurricane – wahoo!), but never stayed on the beach and certainly never at the Wick. Here’s hoping!

  • BrendanfOGorman

    Liked! I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to live in Tofino for a short period of time and saw several winter storms. One of my fondest memories was watching the Canadian Coast Guard running drills at Cox Bay in 25 foot swells!

  • Missycat11

    I have liked Sitka Law Group on facebook

  • Missycat11

    I have never been storm watching but would really like the experience.

  • Missycat11

    Shared on facebook and twitter.

    • Karen Jensen

      I have been storm watching once In Tofino. Loved it. Like and shared and commented. 😊

  • Annetta Larocque

    I have liked the sitka law group 🙂

  • Annetta Larocque

    I shared the post 🙂

  • Annetta Larocque

    I have never been storm watching, but i would love to experience it! Please.

  • Monica Skipper

    I liked the Sitka Law Group page!

  • Monica Skipper

    I have shared this post on my Facebook page!!

  • Jessie MacGregor

    Liked & shared never been storm watching 🙁 lived out here now for 6 years. But this would be a great weekend away since our baby was born

  • Monica Skipper

    I have never been storm watching before and have only been to Tofino once as a young child!

  • Candace Fertile

    West coast storms are amazing!

  • Jordan Holmes

    I liked Sitka’s page!

  • Jordan Holmes

    I’ve been storm watching in Nova Scotia during Hurricane season. Its fun from the car, not so fun in the splash zone!

  • Amanda Perrin

    Never been storm watching. Would be a great experience for my bday!

  • Mike Davies

    Liked ( previously and still do ) and shared. I’ve storm watched up in Campbell River, never on the west coast of the island though

  • Melissa Hankins

    This would be awesome. Liked and sharing

  • CC

    1. I like Sitka Law Group on Facebook

  • CC

    2. I shared this post on both Facebook and Twitter

  • Ron McCrea

    I have LIKED Sitka Law Group on FB, I have shared the post on FB, I have been storm watching but only on the prairies watching thunderstorms. This would be a great adventure for my wife and I (we both love storm watching) to experience west coast storms this way. We have recently moved here. Thanks.

  • CC

    3. We went to Tofino only once before, a couple years ago in the winter and it was definitely dark and stormy. We ran around on the beach in the rain in the daytime and went for a short hike but we could really only just hear the storm at night, couldn’t see anything in the pitch black darkness where we were.

  • Lydian Stubbs Heiman

    Liked and shared

  • Lydian Stubbs Heiman

    Never been storm watching but it’s on my bucket list!!!

  • Christine Fisher

    Liked,shared, I haven’t been storm watching in ages! My favourite part is the music of the water hitting the shore

  • Julie Linda Campbell-Wood

    Liked! Shared! The only time I was storm watching was when I was about 12 years old. I was camping in a trailer in the snow with my parents and sister in Tofino. Great memories but I do remember feeling cold. Storm watching from a beautiful inn such as Wickannish would be a dream come true. I would love to give my children some wonderful memories even better than my childhood ones.

  • Milly Ross

    Liked sitka law group on facebook! Sharing post… been to wickaninnish once before and it was beautiful, but haven’t been in storm season. I would absolutely love to go there again and see it!

  • Jen Weatherall

    Liked Sitka law and shared, we tried to storm watch but it was to calm the last time we were in Tofino!!

  • Noah Westwood

    Liked on FB! I’ve never been before during the storm season and I know the perfect Calgary girl to take!

  • Kelly Walker Lott

    Would love this!

  • Natasha Pittman

    Liked the page 🙂

  • Sara Shaw

    Liked and shared, I have never been storm watching other than the thunderstorms in Alberta…and have never been to Tofino so doubly awesome 💚💚

  • Chyeanne Turncliff Taylor

    Liked and shared

  • Dianna Lau

    Liked and shared. I have never been Storm Watching but would love to get the opportunity

  • Celine Richmond

    Liked and shared. I have never been storm watching and I would love to stay in your beautiful hotel.

  • Caitlin Dowe

    Liked and shared!
    Never been storm watching but I love a good thunderstorm! Grew up in Ontario and miss watching a good storm.

  • Liked, shared, etc.

  • Emily Rose Gibson

    Never had the chance to Storm Watch but I love Van Isle storms <3

  • Lori Martin

    Like and shared

  • Tiger Danyliw

    Have never been, would be amazing

  • Ashley May Kelly

    Shared on Fb
    This would be Amazing!! Never been storm watching 😊

  • Alisa Luksic

    hi I Liked Sitka Law group and shared this post. last time I was storm.watching was with my Dad before he passed away some years ago. so id love a chance to visit again ♡

  • Debbie Stirling

    Hi Sitka Law Group, I shared on Facebook and Twitter. I have never been stormwatching and would love to experience it.

    I have also liked your Facebook page.

  • Leanne Guttridge

    Liked and shared 🙂

  • Samantha Knowlson

    I liked your Facebook page!

  • David John Owens

    Liked and shared

  • Samantha Knowlson

    Shared on Facebook!

  • Sarah Lysakowski

    Following on Facebook

  • Erin N Kevin Johnson

    liked and shared on FAcebook – Would really love my first storm watching get away!

  • Samantha Knowlson

    I haven’t been storm watching before but my favorite weather is rain. It is absolutely the most perfect thing to come inside after a long walk in the rain on the beach and have a cup of something toasty! I’d love to be able to watch the ocean storms!

  • Kailey Diogo

    I’ve never been storm watching and I’ve never been to Tofino. Vancouver Island is still so new to me, it would be an absolute dream to win something like this! Liked and shared!

  • Sandra Mcmullen

    I have liked Sitkas page and I have never been storm watching! I am a stay at home mom and would LOVE this opportunity! <3

  • Maria

    Shared on FB 👍🏼

  • Maria

    Never been storm watching but have always wanted to go!

  • Stephanie Coulson

    Liked Sitka’s fb page. I’ve never been storm watching, but my parents used to go to the Wickaninnish Inn every year to watch storms!

  • Casandra Rogers

    I have liked sitkas page and shared this post. I have never been storm watching before and hAve never been to Tofino. I’ve wanted to go for awhile now and is at the top of my bucket list.

  • Nicole Sadek

    Never been but would love to!

  • Steven Inglefield


  • Steven Inglefield


  • Steven Inglefield

    Never been storm watching. Would love to go!!

  • Lisa George

    Never storm watched on the ocean but would love to experience it!

  • Jan Townsend

    I’ve liked Sitka Law, and shared the contest post from Victoria Buzz.
    Very excited about possibility of storm watching in Tofino as I’ve never been!!! Thank you for offering this contest Sitka Law.

  • Justine

    I have liked and shared!! Love tofino!!!

  • Sara

    Liked and shared!! I’ve never been storm watching. Never been to the ocean either! It’s on the bucket list!!

  • Amy Gunderson

    Liked Sitka and shared post on Facebook. I have never been stromwatching in Tofino and would love an opportunity to do so.

  • Jesse Wood

    Liked !!!!!🍃🌲

  • Jesse Wood

    Shared on Facebook 🌲🍃🤙

  • Emily H Davis

    Liked and shared 🙂 I would love the chance to stormwatch in Tofino!! I’ve never experienced it. My whole 26 years I’ve lived on Vancouver Island and I havent visited the west coast!

  • Heather Hoy

    I’ve liked Sitka Law, shared the link & my husband and I have never been storm watching…this getaway would be AMAZING!!!

  • Melissa Wobma

    Love the west coast!!! Haven’t been storm watching – would love to!

  • Melissa Wobma

    Liked and shared

  • Angela Atkinson

    Liked and shared. Love the storms on the west coast! This would be awesome to win.

  • Meaghan Cromie

    Liked and shared! I went as a kid with my family, and would love to take my husband (who is from New Zealand and never seen a Tofino storm season!). Fingers crossed for an adventurous yet relaxing trip to the Wet Coast 😁☔🌊🌲

  • disaanders

    Thank You Sitka Law, shared on twitter

  • disaanders

    Living on the wet coast of VI I’ve been storm watching before but never at a deluxe place like Wickaninnish Inn, Thank You Victoria buzz

  • Carli DeAhne

    Liked 👌🤞

  • Mélanie Sandrine

    Liked & shared… I’ve tried to catch the waves at Dallas Rd, but it’s never worked out… I did accidentally visit Plymouth, Massachusetts when a storm was passing… I cd taste the saltwater 1km inland!

  • Freda Paige

    Liked & Shared

  • Kayla Wilkie

    Liked! I storm watched 4 years ago and loved it!! Would love to do it again

  • Kirsten Amadu

    Liked and shared! I havnt had a chance to go storm watching in Tofino yet but I absolutely love a good storm and catch the ones here in Victoria any chance I get.

  • Usha

    Liked and shared. Went last year to go stom watching but unfortunately came down with stomach flu and was in bed the whole time at our resort 🙁 would love the experience

  • Jedd

    Liked and shared too! My wife and I have been to Tofino a few times and love walking the beach and enjoying the sound of the ocean. Watching the waves roll in is mesmerizing and so peaceful! Thanks for the opportunity to possibly visit it all again!

  • Antaya Dixon

    Liked and shared! I have lived in Victoria since 2011, a transplant from the Fraser Valley, and I have yet to explore this beautiful island beyond the Peninsula!
    My hubby and I got married in Dec 2015 and have yet to take a proper honeymoon so this would be amazing for a getaway!

  • Erin Keller

    Liked Sitka Law group, shared post on FB, and have been to Tofino many times but have yet to see a good storm and haven’t stayed at this resort but have heard amazing things!

  • Sandi Coutts

    Liked shared and used to storm watch all the time as a child growing up in Cordova bay. So amazing.

  • Heather Spice

    Liked 🙂 I’ve never been storm watching, unfortunately.

  • Justine Briggs

    I’ve been in the eye of a storm while visiting family in Alberta before. Crazy winds, thunder and heavy rain, then it suddenly went calm where we were standing on the deck, but there was still storm happening around. Lightning struck the pond that was just across the yard, and then after a minute the eye passed us and it got windy on us again.

  • Kersti

    Never went storm watching but I have been caught in some breath taking ones.

  • Tina

    Liked Sitka Law group, shared, and have not storm watched but was on a day trip to beautiful Tofino years ago, but since moving to east coast I’m DYING to take my husband!

  • Min Aleong

    Liked, shared,and have never stormed watch. It has been on my bucket list, and was hoping to go this year. So, winning will be just perfect, an answer to a prayer, as I would take my 82 -year old mother since she has never travelled far from home. My parents had too few vacations, as they worked hard to support 4 children. Thank you so much.

  • Dave Sakolinsky

    I have never had the chance to winter storm watch, but there is no better time than to start than right now!

  • Brian Dixon

    Likes, and shared. I have never been storm watching in the tradition sense of it, but growing up in the interior of BC we had plenty of chances to still out on the roof of the garage and just lay in the warm summer rains and watch thunder storms pass by. So I’d love the chance to see the storms with my wife up in Tofino.

  • Janna Bomb

    Liked and shared!
    Never been storm watching and would love to go!

  • Charlene Enns

    Liked! Shared! Also never been. Hoping for the win ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • Dan

    Liked! Would love the chance, have never been

  • senorpartagas


  • Connie Thompson

    Liked, shared, and have never watched a storm in Tofino!

  • Prairie


  • Prairie

    Liked! I watched a great storm over the ocean and ran into the waves a bit. Got soaked! So amazing!

  • Katelyn Sherwood

    Liked and shared!
    I went storm watching with my family in Tofino last February. My now fiance proposed to me on the beach with the waves crashing and rain pouring down on us. It was absolutely amazing!

  • JokingRight?

    Liked ✔️

  • JokingRight?

    Shared ✔️

  • Mia Taylor

    Liked and shared

    I love storm watching but I’d rather be in the thick of it with my board. The energy of the ocean is part of me. It would be amazing to stay in a cabin instead of a tent – either way I’ll be there!

  • JokingRight?

    I’ve been storm watching at cattle point in Victoria and it was epic! Also chased a few thunder and lightning events in Alberta.

  • Amy Van

    I liked sitka law group on Facebook.

  • Amy Van

    Shared post on Facebook

  • Amy Van

    I’ve been storm watching, but from an outdoor location. This would be so much better. 😃

  • JokingRight?

    When is the winner announced?

  • Bianca

    liked on fb! 🙂

  • Bianca

    shared 🙂

  • Liam Healy

    Liked and no never been storm watching

  • Emilie Langfeld

    Liked !

  • Boticib

    LIKEd Sitka Law Group on Facebook

  • Boticib

    SHAREd this post on Twitter

  • Boticib

    I have never storm watched, but it sounds like an incredible experience! Thanks for the contest!

  • Paul Ellard

    Storm watched a few times – you can never get enough!!!

  • Sara Kate

    Liked & Shared on Facebook & Twitter. Ive never been storm watching in Tofino but I have always wanted to! It’s on my bucket list and it would just be a dream come true for me!

  • Karin Tigert

    Dark, foreboding clouds were gathered in the horizon above the sea blanketing the mainland. Huge waves crashed onto the shores. We stood stock still watching! Daunted! Respectful! Awed!

  • Heather

    Yes! Would love to storm watch 🌊

  • Barbee Burgess

    Shared, liked and commented on … I have never been storm-watching in Tofino but it is high on my bucket list – would love to experience this !

  • Laurie Dahlgren

    Liked and shared

  • Laurie Dahlgren

    Yes, we were storm watching in Tofino a couple of years ago and it was fabulous.

  • Misti Collinson


  • Dave

    Liked and shared. Thunderstorms are brilliant and terrifying to watch on a summer hike in the mountains, especially when they start coming your way!

  • Mitchel David

    Better the sleeping in my car down a logging road

  • Natalie Ensz

    Liked and shared. Have never been storm watching but would suuuure love to!!

  • Clarissa Hope Moritz

    Liked and shared !! I have never been storm watching but I would LOOOOVE the chance to go!! I live in Victoria and I come to tofino as often as possible but I am over due to go again and I have never stayed at this location!!! Pleeeeease pick meeeeee!!!!! My birthday is the 19th, and it’d be a belated surprise !!! Omg I would die happy!

  • Karen Gold

    I have liked and shared. Love spending time on the beach in any weather. It would be awesome way to spend my 60th birthday in February on the beach with a loved one and my camera.

  • Gayle Anderson

    I liked Sitka and also enjoyed storm watching.

  • Katie Hayward

    Liked and shared! I’ve only experienced storm watching in the praries while on route to a destination so it wasn’t a planned event.
    It was stunning as well as a tad nerve racking, but I must say I consider myself lucky I was able to bear witness to such raw beauty that nature holds.

  • Cheyenne McGinnis

    Liked and shared! Storm watching is so humbling; I have only ever been once and would love to experience it again. It’s a reminder of the power of nature.

  • Susan DeMille

    I liked your Facebook page, shared the article about the contest, and although I have been storm watching on the north end of the island, I have heard that it is especially wild and exciting there. I love feeling the wind whipping my hair around, watching and hearing the waves crashing, and reflecting on the awesome power of nature. Thank you for the opportunity to get a chance to win such an amazing adventure!

  • Jason Kunce

    I was in tofino 7 yrs ago and had an amazing time. It was in early November and have wanted to go back ever since.

  • Myra Jay

    I liked your Facebook page and shared the post. I have never been storm watching before but would love to experience it.

  • Jasmine Sehra

    I liked the facebook page, and shared the post on my wall. I have been storm watching and staying at the Wickaninnish has always been a dream! 😇

  • Hannah Glover

    I liked the facebook page and have shared on facebook. Tried to go storm watching once but the weather turned out to be great.. would love to chance to go again!!

  • Emily Briggs

    Liked the Sitka Law Group FB page! Shared on Twitter. I have storm watched once before — albeit accidentally! A boating trip that got a bit windy! 🙂

  • Trish doyle

    Liked the page never been Storm watching but would love to experience, love Tofino going to be camping there again the s summer

  • pixified

    Liked shared and commenting! I love storm watching, its always fun

  • Susan Dashwood

    Liked and shared! Would love to get away for some storm watching, and I can’t imagine a more beautiful location!

  • Brianna Marie Dick

    Liked shared and excited for a chance to storm watch in Tofino then down at Ogden point 😍 don’t get me wrong feeling the breezy of ocean spray down at Ogden point is refreshing. But in tofino with the sand between your toes and without the busy-ness of urban life would definitely be like a breath of fresh air where you let your worries go away. 😍❤

  • Anita Christoff

    Liked & shared, & I’ve never been stormwatching, but would love to! #pickme

  • Shannon Cyre

    Happily shared and liked on Fb Sitka page. I have been once, and it is ever changing, exciting, tranquil, exceptional in its energy, beauty, and balance. Packed two of everything, three boot sets! To go again would be exceptional and experience the power of nature and have her bring more. Pure magic. Thank you Sitka at another chance 🙂

  • Jessa Mac

    Liked Sitka Law Group. I have storm watched as a young kid on lake huron in Ontario and a couple of years back in Cinque Terra Italy.

  • Oddly enough, aside from one very foggy day, I’ve only been there in nice weather. My dear wife would love to do this.

  • Alexis Rankin

    Liked Sitka Law Group 🙂

  • Alexis Rankin

    Love coming up to Tofino for storm season! Try to go every year. This year we would be bringing our 1 year old daughter to make memories and help her fall in love with the west coast as much as we are ❤

  • Parveen Bhatti

    Liked & shared! I’ve never been storm watching and would LOVE to go!!!

  • Kristen Cleaver

    Liked and shared!!! My husband and I have been storm watching in Tofino and absolutely loved it! The ocean is so wild and untamed!

  • Leah Chesney

    Liked and shared….have never been storm watching before but would love the chance to go with my love.

  • Janna

    I love Tofino! Been storm watching there since I moved here in 2004 : )

  • Hans Runar Wexelsen Goksoyr

    Liked and shared!!! I love storm watching in and around Tofino. It is truly amazing to see the massive waves roll in. I go every year and get blown away every time.

  • Loni Taylor

    Liked and shared, I went storm watching in Calgary once. We witnessed a lightening storm better than any fireworks show I have ever seen. Mother nature wins.

  • Marina Sanchez

    Liked and shared. And I have never been storm watching. It sounds amazing.

  • Cory Joseph

    Liked and shared

  • Joanne H

    Liked & Shared! Have storm watched a few wild times on the North Atlantic in the Maritimes, but not the Pacific west coast, would love to do that, sounds very cool!
    Good luck everyone

  • Michelle


  • Michelle


  • Michelle

    I have lived in Florida so everyday is storm watching. Lol. I love walking in the Washington State rain. I do however really miss thunder and lightening which we do not get here in seattle. 🙁

  • Susan Pearson

    I have liked Sitka Law Group and I have SHARED on my facebook site. I have been IN storms, causing me to watch them. I commercial fished for 11 seasons and saw and experienced many many storms!

  • Nicole Alexander

    Liked & shared! I live on Vancouver island so i am no stranger to wet weather, however, to experience storm watching in beautiful Tofino, at such a gorgeous resort would be something else!. Best of luck to everyone

  • Jess Ross

    done and done!!! Would be a wonderful way to introduce my husband to Vancouver Island!

  • Shane Burnham

    Like and shared. can’t say I’ve ever been storm watching here. I’m from eastern Canada and I miss the storms we used to get there. id be so excited to watch the storms in tofino!

  • Pernille Lund

    Liked and shared. This would be amazing !!!

  • Justin

    Liked and shared. The only storms I watch are the ones chasing me.

  • Connor Turtle

    Liked and shared. Never been and have always wanted to go ! Would make a big trip out of it 😁

  • Rob


  • Kelly

    Lived here all my life and have storm watched since before it was a thing. Used to drive an old Triumph Spitfire under the waves at Ross Bay (maybe 1979 or 80?) when it was closed just for the thrill lol never thinking of logs washing up – yes teenagers. Have been to Tofino camping in the 80’s but never been to Wickaninnish. Would love to!

    Shared (Signed), Liked (Sealed), Posted (Delivered),… I’m Yours.

  • Chanel

    Liked, shared.

    I was in Myrtle Beach once when it was stormy.

  • Jen Simpson

    I “liked” Sitka Law Group on Facebook

  • Jen Simpson

    I shared this post on Facebook, thanks for the lovely giveaway! <3

  • Jen Simpson

    I’ve never storm-watched before in Tofino but I hear it’s amazing!

  • Ashley Manky

    Liked the page shared this page and I have never been storm watching. I havent even been to the island before!

  • Jan Phelps

    I’ve done the like and share and love to watch winter storms through a window, beside a fire, with a glass of wine in hand. Never been to Tofino but it’s on my list.

  • Cassandra

    Liked the group, shared this post! I have never been storm-watching! In fact, I have lived in Vancouver for 9 years and have yet to visit Tofino! I can’t wait to visit it one day, and this would be an incredibly opportunity! 🙂