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Jammies & Toons: Kidflix – Mary and the Witch’s Flower

February 11


February 11 | 11:00 am | The Vic

Wear your favourite pyjamas and get a bowl of cereal at the morning screening!


Once upon a time our parents were kids who feasted on huge bowls of sugary delight and marveled

at their Saturday morning heroes on TV. Nowadays, all they do is tell you to go outside and play. What fun is that? So kids, grab your jammies, your bowls and your parents and come on down to The Vic for a fun- lled morning of world-class animation!


From the multi-award winning director of When Marnie Was There and The Secret Life of Arrietty comes a new animated tale bristling with the Studio Ghibli-like magic you’ve come to love.

Joyful Mary is just your average redheaded young girl, enjoying a beautiful country summer with her beloved aunts but bored out of her mind, desperately searching for something to do. Even chasing cats, doing deliveries and sweeping the sidewalk seems like more fun than doing nothing. That is until the day she accidentally discovers a magic flower that grants her magic powers and then it’s up, up, up into the sky!


Before Mary knows what’s happening, she’s whisked away to a Harry Potter-like school of magic where she’s too scared and overwhelmed to explain to the headmasters that she might not be a witch. After all, they don’t take kindly to trespassers there. She might be able to get away safely as long as nobody discovers just where her special powers came from.

Adapted from Mary Stewart’s 1971 much beloved children’s book The Little Broomstick, this wonderful  rst feature  lm from Studio Ponoc was made by many of the same talented people from Studio Ghibli. Longtime fans will see a ton of similarities between the two studios in Mary. Ghibli’s legendary director Hayao Miyazaki might or might not make another movie but his endearing legacy is undeniable.

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