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Victorian’s message in a bottle washes up in Oregon

If that wasn't awesome enough, the message itself is full of inspiration and kindness.
Reddit Least Favourite Victoria

Here are Reddit’s top 10 “least favourite” things about Victoria

Maybe bike lanes are more popular than we thought 🤔
Baby Goats UVic

Baby Goats are coming to UVic this afternoon

Cuteness overload! 😍
Driftwood Victoria Breweries

A CBC Journalist just ranked every brewery in Victoria

People are not stoked about his choices 🍻😬
Tide Pod Saanich Police

WATCH: Saanich Police released a hilarious video about the Tide Pod Challenge

Highlights include plenty of dad jokes, a slow-motion "waterfall" scene, and the #nopodinyourbod hashtag.
Sea Otter Saanich Road

A river otter was reportedly “travelling down the road” in Saanich

And of course, Twitter users otterly loved it and responded
RCMP Musical Ride

21 photos and videos from the RCMP Musical Ride in Victoria and Colwood

Nearly 15,000 Victorians came out to watch this weekend, and the performances didn't disappoint!
Puzzle Art Faded

Puzzle piece art to be removed from Douglas and Yates intersection

They put all the pieces together and decided to get rid of it.