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Here’s why this guy wants to hand out cameras to 100 random Victorians

No filters. No editing. Just one shot.

Open your eyes to the 2017 Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit

It's better than Instagram, we swear!

An art company has allegedly been stealing images from local photographers

So far, the exact consequences of Blue Heron's actions have yet to be determined.
Solar Eclipse

18 amazing photos and videos of Victoria’s solar eclipse

There was a solar eclipse today and Victoria's photographers were hyped.
Smoky Sunset Victoria

7 places to view the smokey sunset this evening

Last night's "apocalyptic red ball of fire" made for incredible photos. So we put together a list of locations to help up your smoky sunset Instagram game.
Smoky Victoria Sunset

19 amazing photos of Victoria’s smoky skies

If you've been outside in Victoria today, you'll notice that our regularly scheduled blue-sky programming has been interrupted by a smoky haze. We've compiled a collection...
New Generation Photography Award

New Generation Photography Award offers three $10,000 prizes to young Canadians

We've got some exciting news for you, to the tune of $30,000.