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windy weather

8 places to go storm watching in Victoria

The winds seem to have been appeased for today, but save this list for next time!

Sailboats struggle to stay afloat amid extreme winds in Oak Bay

Police are searching for the owner of one that crashed into a fence near a school this morning

Mount Washington shuts down due to heavy snowfall on Sunday

You'll have to wait to ski another day ❄️

Thousands of people experiencing power outages after extreme winds this morning

It looks like about 14,469 people are in the dark this morning

70 km/h wind gusts expected to hit Greater Victoria today

It looks like Victoria won't be escaping yesterday's wind warnings after all

Environment Canada issues wind warning for parts of Vancouver Island

Victoria seems to have avoided the tempest entirely

More snow on the horizon for Vancouver Island

Brace yourselves - the snow isn't done with us yet!