World Health Organization classifies video gaming as an addictive disorder

Some experts in the field are skeptical of the organization's criteria.

Canadians are getting the world’s worst deal on wireless pricing

If you think data is too expensive, you're right to complain

You should probably change your Twitter password

The company suggests changing your password wherever you've used it before

Facebook is releasing dating features soon and we’re intrigued

Online dating can't get any worse, right?

This new app will help you spice things up in the bedroom

It matches the music to your...*ahem* rhythm 😉
Social Media

4 insider tips to make you an expert Social Media Marketer

Number three will shock you... Just kidding. But it will help make you more social media savvy!
Social Media Camp

5 reasons you need to check out Victoria’s Social Media Camp (CONTEST)

Storytelling ✅ Marketing ✅ Networking ✅ - win your way into this year's conference!
Lisa Helps

Victoria’s Mayor is quitting Facebook

Lisa Helps called Facebook a "toxic echo chamber"
Chris Wylie

The Cambridge Analytica whistleblower is originally from Victoria

Chris Wylie, who is at the centre of Facebook's data-mining scandal, was once just a "brilliant" kid in Victoria.

BlackBerry sues Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp over patent infringement

They filed a similar lawsuit against Nokia last year
UVic tech Camosun

Over 500 new tech spaces announced for UVic and Camosun College

Both schools will receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding
Amazon HQ2

Vancouver is about to get a second Amazon office, but it’s not the HQ2

Here's some good news for B.C.'s tech industry! 

The man who invented the screensaver is coming to Victoria

Do you want to learn more about visual design and how it can help improve your business?

Uber-enabling legislation to be reintroduced by the BC Green Party

Andrew Weaver: "If we wish to consider ourselves as innovators in the emerging 21st-century economy we must be willing to embrace the innovation that we create."
Shapr Meeting

We found an app to help you build your network and meet inspiring people

Combining a familiar, easy-swiping interface with a professional networking atmosphere, Shapr is the free app you need to have.

Greater Victoria Public Library launches free e-learning platform

Having fun isn't hard when you've got a library card, and now neither is self-taught learning! The Greater Victoria Public Library has just announced that...

Victoria School District to spend $1.25 million on new laptops and iPads

The additions will give elementary and middle schools a 4:1 ratio of students to devices
Smartphone ICBC

CRTC bans smartphone unlocking fees

Changes come into effect on December 1st, 2017