Fighting Fentanyl
Fentanyl seizured December 1, 2016 Image Courtesy of the Victoria Police Department

Through a seven-episode series released on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week, fentanyl expert S/Sgt. Conor King and Cst. Matt Rutherford guide viewers as VicPD tracks a known fentanyl dealer through the Quadra Village neighbourhood.

The latest pair of episodes takes viewers along on surveillance and into the warrant-writing process.

Episode 3: “Eyes On The Target”

Surveillance is a key tool in VicPD’s fight against fentanyl. In Fighting Fentanyl Episode 3, S/Sgt. Conor King and Cst. Matt Rutherford take you along in an unmarked vehicle in support of a surveillance operation targeting a fentanyl dealer.

Go behind the scenes as they follow the suspect’s path down streets and alleyways, leading ultimately to a family play park in Victoria’s Quadra Village neighbourhood.

Episode 4: “The Warrant is Now Live”

It may not be glamorous but paperwork is one of the foundations of police work. Now that surveillance has turned up direct evidence that the suspect in this file is conducting drug transactions, the next step is to get the legal authorization to search his residence.

In Fighting Fentanyl Episode 4 | Writing the Warrant, S/Sgt. Conor King and Cst. Matt Rutherford take you into our exhibit control section and walk you through what it takes to write a search warrant.

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Police Continue to Work With Island Health and Social Services

While enforcement is a key part in the fight against fentanyl, Police continue to work with key stakeholders including Island Health, the BC Coroner Service and with social service agencies through this health crisis.

This series takes you behind the scenes into one of their roles – enforcement – that is rarely seen. This series of about the work VicPd does as they target those who victimize those who suffer addiction.

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