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Back in 1962 when the average cost of a new home was $12,500, Marvel released Amazing Fantasy #15, which debuted their new character, Spider-Man.

You might’ve heard of him.

Now, an edition of that comic could fetch the rough price of a Gordon Head home, and it’s for sale in Victoria.

Comic book could sell for up to $1-million

An anonymous Victoria woman purchased the first-edition comic in 1983 for $450 with the idea that it would be a solid investment.

Turns out, that investment was more like solid gold, as it’s now one of the most sought after comics on earth, trailing only the first appearances of Superman and Batman.

She’d heard it sells for ridiculous amounts of money and had been getting it appraised every so often by Gareth Gaudin, now the co-owner of Legends Comics and Books in Victoria.

It seems it’s been incubating long enough, and she’s ready to sell.

Gaudin told Global News that only three comics have ever been worth $1-million and this is one of them.

“When it comes in this pristine of condition, you know you’re holding a ‘Holy Grail’ of the comic book world,” Gaudin said.

The last Amazing Fantasy #15 sold in 2016 for a cool $450,000 USD.

Store owner wants to raise $1 million to put comic on display

But Gaudin has been working in comic stores for over 25 years, and while it would be great to help the woman to sell her comic book, he has a different idea – a comic book store owner type of idea.

Gaudin suggests that if one million people chipped in $1, they could buy the comic and offer it to the Royal BC Museum, putting it in art galleries and museums for all to enjoy – forever.

“It’s an iconic comic book, it’s beautifully drawn, the cover’s brilliant and it’s got the original and first appearance of a character that everyone knows and loves.”

He’s got a point.

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A $500,000.00 comic just came in the shop. Any takers?

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