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Attention all Buckerfield’s employees, your paycheck is about to get bigger!

The Duncan-based pet supply company, Buckerfield’s, has announced that as of September 2, all of its full-time employees will be paid a “living wage”.

The exact raises for those employees will range depending on the cost of living in each store’s region. Locations range from Vancouver Island to the Okanagan and Shuswap regions.

A living wage is a rate of pay based on the cost of living in a certain region.

Burckerfield's Abbotsford
Buckerfield’s Abbotsford – Photo via Facebook

Decision Comes After Province Raises Minimum Wage


Buckerfield’s decision comes on the heels of the BC Government’s announcement of an increase in the provincial minimum wage from $10.85 an hour to $11.35 an hour as of Sept. 15.

Comparatively, Buckerfield’s lowest regional wage after one year of full-time employment has now been raised to $16.73 per hour. An additional $1.69 to cover living costs is also paid through their benefits program. Part-time employees start at $14.75 per hour.

Buckerfield’s employees also have access to sales bonus and employee discount programs.

All pay rates are also expected to increase annually according to the BC Consumer Price Index.


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