A dog who was brought in to the Victoria branch of the B.C. SPCA in extreme pain will soon need a loving home – and the non-profit animal shelter is calling for donations to help with the medical expense.

Hogarth, a seven-year-old shih tzu was fearful of people simply touching him.

His fur was so matted, he’d lost the use of one leg. His teeth were so diseased, he couldn’t eat properly and will require major dental surgery

“His leg was black and necrotic – he couldn’t bear any weight on it and was in a lot of pain,” says BC SPCA Victoria Branch manager Annie Prittie Bell. “Despite everything he’s been through, Hogarth is such a sweetheart! He bonds fast to people and just wants to be held and cuddled.”

The medical cost of the surgeries to amputate his leg, give him special skin treatment for wounds he suffering on his body, to deal with severe dental rot, and recovery are expected to be more than $5,000

As a non-profit organization, the BC SPCA relies primarily on public donations to help the province’s most vulnerable animals.

“We just want to give this cuddle-bug a second chance at a better, pain-free life,” says Prittie Bell.

Once Hogarth is back to full health, he will be available for adoption.

“He can still live a long and active life as a ‘tri-pawed’ furry family member and he has so much love to give.”

If you can help Hogarth and other animals like him at the Victoria SPCA, donate online or you can donate in person, at 3150 Napier Lane, Victoria.

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