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Weather changes aren’t the only rare phenomenon expected in Victoria this weekend. The Perseid Meteor Shower arrives from Friday to Sunday!

We’ve got all the info you need to have the perfect stargazing experience.

Though online rumours about a “once in a lifetime” meteor shower on August 12, are false, with the right combination of weather, timing, and a great viewing spot, you’ll still be in for a treat.

Milky Way Shooting Stars

The most important factor for this year’s shower could prove to be the weather. Though the current smoky haze might seem never-ending, forecasts predict that sunny skies will return on Friday!

However, both Saturday and Sunday night could be subject to showers, so we suggest getting your gazing in on Friday night.

As for the best place to be, check out Fort Rodd Hill! Otherwise, head somewhere with minimal light pollution (i.e. away from the city), no immediate dangers (i.e. don’t lie down in the middle of a road), and look up.

Lunar Intruder

Another potential spanner in the works could be the moon. Three-quarters full and rising shortly before midnight, its brightness will take some of the spotlight off of the Perseids.
There’s no simple fix for this lunar distraction, but our best suggestion is to acquaint yourself with the darkness (i.e. no phones or lights nearby) and ensure that your eyes are adjusted.
Perseid meteors also tend to become more numerous towards midnight and in the hours before dawn. So, being an early riser or pulling an all-nighter would give you the most meteor-heavy experience.
But we won’t blame you if you prefer a real duvet to a blanket of stars.

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