family photos
Photo via Kara Prachnau

The power of social media has made for another happy ending! A family’s lost camera full of travel photos will be returned after a good samaritan posted the find on Facebook.

After her daughter found the camera downtown, Kara Prachnau posted a collage of its contents last Wednesday, August 2nd, in hopes of tracking down the unknown owners.

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Since then, the post has been shared over 3000 times, leading to an outpouring of support and suggestions.

Then on Sunday morning, Prachnau posted an ecstatic update:

“Good Sunday morning everyone!! Just a happy update to start the day! This family has been FOUND!

The good work of my new friend Eric Dobson-Dobson and his team at Found Cameras and Orphan Photos (including the VERY patient Dan Campbell) and their CSI style sleuthing, all of YOUR shares, pleas, and participation, and of course, my daughter Olivia Prachnau‘s foresight to begin this search in the first place have reunited this family with thousands of vacation photos from their travels around the world!!

Thanks, everyone!! This Antilles, (Netherlands) family is pretty happy today!! . . . and thankful for their friends – around the world!!”

Globe-Trotting Family

family photos
Photo via Kara Prachnau

As the family’s numerous photos suggest, they travel a lot. From Disneyland in China to Niagara Falls, and the British Virgin Islands, they took photos galore.

And their travels apparently continued after their stop in Victoria. In a follow-up post, Prachnau showed the response from Anne-Marie (presumably the woman in the photos). The family revealed that they were temporarily in Curacao, and were very grateful to be reunited with their camera:

Good Morning Kara,
wow am I glad to hear from you!!!
It’s amazing what you did to find us, I can not thank you enough !!!!
It’s not about the camera it’s about the pictures, memories that we took. So I’m really really grateful to you.

I’m giving you the address of a friend that lives in Miami (Florida, USA) and he will come to the island of Curacao where we live end of this month, so that’s easy just to ship it to the states and then if you can give me your bank account so that I can transfer what I owe you.

But again many many thanks, I appreciate it !!!!!

btw… the chocolates at the store are delicious, we still have some in the fridge so I checked on the box what the name of the store is: indeed The Rocky Mountain chocolate factory.

Thank your daughter from us, and again many thanks
Have a nice day, and greetings!


If that story doesn’t warm your heart, I don’t know what will.

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