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Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship WINNIPEG sails through the Eastern Atlantic Ocean on the ship’s transit to Exercise TRIDENT JUNCTURE during Operation REASSURANCE on October 21, 2015. Photo: LS Ogle Henry, HMCS WINNIPEG ET2015-5118-005

A pair of naval ships will return to Canada after months-long voyages tomorrow, and Victorians will have a chance to welcome them home!

Tuesday morning at 9:00 am, look for the HMCS Winnipeg and HMCS Ottawa. The warships will be sailing past Dallas road and flying their battle flags.

They will be returning from a 5-months across the Pacific Ocean. Named the POSEIDON CUTLASS 17 deployment, the vessels made several strategic port visits throughout the Indo-Asia-Pacific region. They stopped at countries including the Philippines, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, China, South Korea, and Japan.

Shadowed by Chinese Navy

HMCS Ottawa Naval
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Their deployment also included a rare incident involving Chinese ships.

Back in mid-June, the Winnipeg came within three nautical miles of two People’s Liberation Army Navy frigates. The interaction came during a freedom-of-passage exercise conducted alongside U.S. and Australian vessels in the contested South China Sea.

“They were three miles away but there was not a level of hostility. We were both practising freedom of navigation. It was a bit of a cat-and-mouse game,” said Chief Petty Officer 1st Class Sylvain Jacquemot. “[The Chinese] claim something that the world does not agree with. … They are very active these days.”

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