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UPDATE: Youtuber says Chek News “completely lied” about his call for Malahat speed limit increases (VIDEO)

Amidst talks of installing interval cameras on Vancouver Island’s notorious highway, one Langford man is calling for variable speed limits.

Damon Fryer, who runs the Youtube channel DailyDrivenExotics, had his Ferrari 430 Scuderia impounded over the weekend. Now, he’s advocating for a change in the way the Malahat uses speed limits.

“[The vehicles near me] were all doing about 120 km/h, being that I was the guy out front and I was the one that got hit, it is what it is, I own it,” Fryer told Chek News.

However, Fryer’s insistence on a higher limit may be less about ticketing and more about impounding.

As he explains in his video, going 40 km/h or higher results in an automatic impounding in British Columbia. So, an added 10-20 km/h on top of the existing 80 km/h would’ve theoretically prevented Fryer from going a week without his supercar.

Predictably, this incident wasn’t Fryer’s first brush with the highway patrol. He told Chek News that he gets tickets ” every other year or two”.

However, he seemed friendly with the officer who caught him. The pair even exchanged a fist bump as a flat-bed tow truck took the Ferrari away.

Watch the full video below (ticketing and towing start at 3:40).

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