Boondocks Restaurant

A much-loved Sidney Pub has announced that after 26 years, they’re moving locations.

On June 29, the Boondocks Cafe revealed that their landlords plan to tear down the building and redevelop the area.

The exact demolition date remains unclear, but the Boondocks Cafe owners didn’t wait around to find it out.

Instead, they’ve found a new location on Fifth Street, in the space Theos RestaurantĀ once inhabited.

In a Facebook post, Boondocks wrote: “We are SUPER excited to move on and continue to serve our awesome and loyal customers! We hope you will follow us over to the new place and continue to have many good times for years to come!”

Customers and Facebook commenters seemed to share the business’s optimism, with many writing messages of love and support.

Although the pub has occupied its current location for the best part of three decades, the building itself has been a part of Sidney’s cityscape for much longer.

Boondocks even posted a shot from back in 1955 on their Twitter:

Old Boondocks
Photo by Sidney Museum and Archives

Moving Day Set For Early September

For now, the business looks set to stay open through the summer, with the move to Fifth Street scheduled for the beginning of September.

In the meantime, Boondocks have settled back into the swing of things, even posting a couple of job openings.

“So now that everyone knows were moving, we need a full time cook and server,” the business wrote on Facebook. “Can train for out front would prefer experience in the kitchen. Thanks for any leads!!”

Facebook Conversations

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