Early Friday morning, Saanich Police pulled over one suspected impaired driver when, moments later, another drunk driver collided with their police cruisers.

The officers had been stationed along the Trans-Canada Highway, handing out speeding tickets.

Several drivers were ticketed at speeds up to and including 40 kph over the limit at increased fines due to the marked roadway construction zone.

Victoria Police then relayed a citizen’s report of a possible impaired driver headed toward Saanich.

Saanich Police Officers intercepted the vehicle as it travelled east on the Trans-Canada Hwy. As suspected, the driver showed signs of impairment, so two officers investigated.

However, soon after pulling over the first impaired driver, police measured a second vehicle over the speed limit. As officers went to pull the second vehicle over, it collided with one of their parked police vehicles.

Arrests and Charges

Officers quickly gathered that the second driver was intoxicated by alcohol and arrested her at the scene.

A 31-year-old female resident of Saanich now faces criminal impaired driving charges. Police also served her tickets for Motor Vehicle Act offences because she only had a Class 7 (learner’s) driver’s license.

After failing a breathalyzer test, police served the first driver an immediate roadside prohibition from driving for 90 days and impounded their vehicle for 30 days.

Luckily, no injuries came of the collision.

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