Do you recognize this man?

Beacon Hill Children’s Farm is seeking the public’s help in identifying a thief who stole firewood and drink containers from their Metchosin location.

Located across from the Metchosin Municipal hall and fire department, the property is where Beacon Hill Children’s Farm keeps its petting farm animals during the winter.

Free Couch, Not Free Everything

According to Marcia Koenders, who caught him in the act, the man said he thought the items were free for the taking.

A couch was advertised as free at the front of the property.

“You don’t go into someone’s backyard and load up on firewood,” Lee Koenders told the Times Colonist. “And he didn’t have any plates on his truck.”

The man left after Marcia confronted him.

“It was only about $350 worth of stuff, but it’s the principle. You can’t just wander in and take stuff from someone’s property,” said Koenders.

To see several additional photos of the man, see the Facebook post below:

Looking for everyone's help to identify the thief that stole items from our winter farm location in Metchosin, British…

Posted by Beacon Hill Children's Farm on Thursday, July 13, 2017

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