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A local mother is praising Boston Pizza in Langford after the restaurant stood up to a man who allegedly was heckling her and her kids.

“I have to post a HUGE rave for the Boston Pizza on veteran’s memorial,” Jennie White Nilsson wrote on Facebook.

Nilsson had just arrived at the restaurant with her two sons for the eldest’s birthday when her younger boy lost his temper.

For most parents out there, seeing a 3-year-old have an “epic tantrum” wouldn’t seem out of the norm, but for one man seated in the restaurant, the noise was too much.

“I was trying to calm [my son] down but the more I tried the more he lost it,” wrote Nilsson. “A man at the table next to where my older son was already seated SCREAMED across the restaurant ‘TAKE YOUR KID OUTSIDE! Gawd!’ He scared the crap out of me.”

Good Samaritans Come To The Rescue

One woman who also had two kids came over to comfort and support Nilsson.

“Thank you very kind mama!!” Nilsson wrote.

But the goodwill didn’t end there.

“The manager went to that man’s table and told him and his guest to leave,” wrote Nilsson. “As the man walked out, everyone cheered and the kind mamma stayed by my side until he was gone.”

The manager, hostess, and server all checked on Nilsson, making sure they were ok. Then, when the meal was over the manager took care of the bill.

“[The manager] told us he would not stand for customers being treated the way we were, and we were welcome back anytime. It was really above and beyond service by everyone there.”

Since first appearing on Facebook yesterday, Nilsson’s story has racked up numerous shares, hundreds of likes, and dozens of comments.

Some people even wrote that the story had restored their “faith in humanity”.

Check out the original post below:

I have to post a HUGE rave for the Boston Pizza on veteran's memorial. I took my two boys there for my oldest's birthday…

Posted by Jennie White Nilsson on Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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