tire tracks on farm
Photo courtesy of Longview Farms

Longview Farms received an unwelcome Canada Day surprise on Sunday morning, waking up to extensively damaged crops and fields.

In a Facebook post, the organic farm described the perpetrators as driving a white, four-door Ford-150. The truck did donuts, plowing over crops and water lines.

tire tracks water line
Photo courtesy of Longview Farms

“If anyone knows anything about this vehicle or this incident please call Central Saanich Police,” Longview Farms wrote on Facebook. “Happy Canada Day to everyone else on the Peninsula and keep supporting local farms and farmers!!”

The Sunday morning Facebook post gained traction as the day went on, with commenters expressing their outrage and support. Many people offered to come out and help repair the damage.

tire tracks
Photo courtesy of Longview Farms
The outpouring prompted Longview to update their post, writing:

“Thank you all for your dedication and support of the farm. Along with all of the effort to bring these people to light, we appreciate all the offers to come out to the farm and help! We have had an overwhelming amount of support and we are trying to determine how to coordinate such an effort to make this right. If there is an opportunity, we will make you aware of it! In the meantime, just keep supporting your local farmers in the marketplace and look for Longview Farms produce in your local grocery store! That’s the best way to help us!”

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