Victoria Police
(Victoria Police Department)

A civilian employee of the Edmonton Police Service is facing child exploitation charges following an investigation launched in February by Victoria Police.

Aaron Rothwell, 41, worked in an administrative capacity with the police department but had no contact with the public.

The investigation started after the suspect had allegedly been engaged in “sexually explicit online conversations” with a Victoria investigator who was posing as a parent and the suspect had attempted to arrange for sex with a child.

Once Victoria Police determined the suspect was based in Edmonton, the information was forwarded to ICE and the suspect’s identity was learned.

He was arrested in a vehicle leaving his southeast Edmonton home on April 7. His place was searched and a number of computer and electronic devices were seized. 

Rothwell has been charged with making and distributing child pornography, and agreement to commit a sexual offence against a child.

Rothwell has been released on bail and must abide by a number of court-imposed conditions. He appears in court on April 26.

No child was ever in danger during this investigation.

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