Image: Lone wolf appears content to stay on islands near Oak Bay. ( Nancy Brown-Schembri‎ / Photos in Nature by Nancy)

A group of a bird-watchers on tour with Victoria’s Eagle Wing Tours got a surprise visit from an elusive lone wolf living on Chatham and Discovery Islands off Oak Bay, and Nancy Brown-Schembri‎, a nature photographer, was able to capture a rare picture.

“Great day on the water with Eagle Wing yesterday! Got to see the elusive sea wolf,” Brown-Schembri‎ wrote on Facebook with excitement.

“The beauty came out of the trees and sat on a rock while we were looking for shorebirds as part of a bird-watching tour with Nature Canada and Friends of Shoal Harbour,” she added.The islands belong to the Songhees Nation. Members of the public are not permitted to be on the islands.

Mark Salter, manager of tourism for the Songhees, told the Times Colonist the lone male wolf first showed up on the islands, including nearby Discovery Island, in 2012 — the same year that elected Chief Robert Sam, a member of the wolf clan, died.

“The Songhees are particularly proud and protective of the wolf,” he said. “There is a certain affinity to the wolf being found wild there.”

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