All of your hard work serving customers, wiping counters, and dealing with the minimum wage struggle will pay off a bit more this September, as the BC minimum wage is set to increase in September.

Officially in effect on Sept. 15, 2017, the province’s minimum wage will go up by 50 cents, from $10.85 to $11.35 per hour.

The new rate includes a 20¢ increase based on the BC 2016 Consumer Price Index, plus an additional 30¢.The liquor server minimum wage will also increase 50 cents per hour to bringing the wage to $10.10 per hour.

Liquor servers will also see their minimum wages increase by 50 cents per hour, to $10.10.

The increase is part of a process that the province put in place in May of last year, which saw the wage increase to $10.85 in September 2016.

The number of B.C. employees earning minimum wage in 2016 was 93,800 out of a total of 1,958,600 paid employees – excluding self-employed.

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