Vanessa Gormley with her family. (Submitted)

A Sooke mom travelling with her autistic son and 20-month-old daughter alone posted a thank you message on Facebook in hopes it would reach the stranger who helped her out “in a huge way” travelling from Toronto to Victoria.

Vanessa Gormley was at Toronto Pearson International Airport on her way home after a family visit and was struggling with her two kids when a man “without judgment” came over and offered to help.

He sat with the family, entertained Gormley’s son, and carried their jackets around as they waited to board the plane.

To the man who flew from Toronto to Victoria on Monday, January 8, 2017, at 8:20 pm (Eastern Time) on Air Canada flight 191; thank you! You watched me struggle with my two young children (one of whom has autism), yet you didn’t hesitate to ask if you could help rather than judge or walk past. You sat with us and then carried their jackets while we waited to board the plane, you even entertained my son and treated him like a normal little human who was out of his element,” Gormley wrote in a Facebook post to thank the kind stranger. 

The stranger’s act of kindness didn’t end there, however, “you then helped me board our flight and checked in on us while we flew.

“What was turning into a horrible, stressful experience that I have endured with stares and judgment in prior situations, became an experience I will never forget because of you and your act of kindness,” Gormley wrote.

Unfortunately, Gormley wasn’t able to locate the man after the flight to thank him, so she took to social media in hopes to find him and, “thank him or give him the recognition he deserves.”

I wish I could have thanked you after our flight, but I couldn’t find you and had to shuffle tired kiddies to the car after reuniting with my husband. From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate your kindness, empathy and most of all the unwavering support to a fellow parent and one in need of a little understanding and a friendly hand.”

I hope this note finds you because you deserve the biggest high five for being so kind.

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