Image: Spinnakers Brewpub/ Facebook

Spinnakers Brewpub has reopened its dining room nearly four weeks after a major fire almost destroyed the waterfront restaurant.

The fire broke out during lunch hour on Nov. 23. The fire was not as bad as originally thought, and a section of Spinnakers Brewpub reopened nine days after the fire.

The iconic spot announced on Facebook its kitchen and dining room would be reopening with a fresh new look, along with a full menu and bar.

Owner Paul Hadfield paid for the repairs out-of-pocket, instead of waiting for the insurance process that would have held up renovations until February.

Exactly 4 weeks after the fire, our kitchen and dining room will reopen, with a fresh new look! We will be back to resume the lunch that was cut short on what we now call: Black Wednesday. Doors will open at 8 am with breakfast served until noon, full lunch menu available at 11 am with dinner starting at 5 pm. Full beer line up and full bar will be open!”

Most of the fire damage was contained to the roof and top floor, with smoke and water damage to the main floor.

The fire started in the floor under the fireplace on the second floor.

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